Resources of the Month 2020

Summaries of 2020 Meetings

UCCCN February 2020 Resources of the Month
Presentation: Avery Pince-Hyder, Program Manager with the Utah Developmental Disabilities Council, presented on their findings about health access throughout the state, mentioned 3 bills in front of the Utah Legislature this session, and asked for input from the group.
Cases: included an update on transitioning 26 yo young man, now on the wait list (one year) for the UNI HOME program, and an Intermountain patient getting discharged back to home in Vernal; having trouble getting access to formula, oxygen, other needs because of the rural area; it was suggested that they work with the UDOH ISP team there. Also, a request for more Motivational Interviewing training.
UCCCN January 2020 Resources of the Month
Presentations: on Utah asthma programs and resources, including local health departments, home visiting programs, and UPIQ quality improvement options; SPARK for Autism Utah project to gather genetic information from families to further autism research.
Cases: Case about a 14 yr old young man with autism who is self-stimulating, attends an autism school, has both a home and a school ABA provider. Becoming an issue at school. Dr. Carbone suggested a team approach (both ABA providers on the same page with the family). Explore family’s beliefs, becoming a sexual being is normal, how to accommodate so accepted by family, where it’s appropriate.

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