Other Needs

Parents and caregivers sometimes feel like they can only focus on the health aspects of a child's care, even more so with children that need frequent or complex care. Of course their health care is vital; but our children and youth have other needs such as taking part in in social, recreational, and faith-based activities. While health care needs may pose extra challenges, children and teens want to play with friends, get out, and have something to look forward to. The pages in this section look at these needs.
Social Opportunities
For children and teens, the wish to get out in the community and make friends often takes priority over many other aspects of their lives. Children and teens can have fun while balancing health care and other needs.
Faith/Spiritual Needs
Faith and faith-based support is often of great value in helping children, teens, and family members deal with hard times and find hope. Children and teens may also get social interaction through faith-based groups.
Recreational/Adaptive Sports
This section addresses talks about ways for children, teens, and young adults to have fun with tools designed to help them take part in sports and be active. Some groups focus on activities for children with disabilities and complex needs, and have scheduled events for the children and their family to take part in in. This is not only fun for the children, but gives parents a chance to connect.
Wish-granting Foundations
Wish-granting foundations give children with complex or life-threatening health issues the chance to do or have something they have always wanted. These groups can send the child and their family on a vacation or help the child do something linked to their interests, such as being a fireman or chef, or meeting a celebrity or public figure.

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