Other Needs

Parents and providers can sometimes get caught up in the medical aspects of a child's care, especially for children that require frequent or complex medical treatments. Of course their care is very important; however, our children and youth have other needs such as participating in social, recreational, and spiritual activities. Young children learn and develop through play and social interactions. Older children and young adults develop their identities partly through interacting with and comparing themselves to their peers. While the medical condition may pose additional challenges, children and youth want to play with friends, get out in the community, and feel like they have something to look forward to. The pages in this section address these needs.
Social Opportunities
For children and young adults, the desire for Social Opportunities and interactions often takes priority over many other aspects of their lives. Families and providers can help children socialize with friends while balancing medical and other needs.
Faith/Spiritual Needs
Faith and faith-based support systems are often very important aspects in helping children and families deal with and get through difficult medical situations. Children may find early and long-lasting social opportunities through faith-based organizations. While some youth and young adults may question their faith, they usually search to find a purpose for their lives, as we all do. The Spiritual Needs page addresses these issues.
Recreational/Adaptive Sports
The Recreation Activities section addresses opportunities for children, youth, and young adults to have fun with the help of devices designed to allow access to different recreational activities. Some organizations focus on activities for children with disabilities and complex needs, and have scheduled activities for the children and families to participate in. These activities not only provide recreation for the children, but provide opportunities for parents to connect.
Wish-granting Foundations
Wish Granting Organizations provide opportunities for children, usually with complex or life-threatening conditions, to experience something they have always wanted to do. These organizations can provide funding for vacation destinations for the child, or help them to have experiences related to their interests, for example - being a fireman or chef, or meeting a celebrity or public figure.

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