Domestic/Family Violence Legal Services

Programs that provide information and guidance and/or representation in court proceedings for individuals who have been abused in an intimate relationship and/or for people who are facing a summary conviction offence or criminal charge for perpetrating abuse. Included are domestic violence law clinics and other legal assistance programs that represent victims of domestic abuse at restraining order hearings or in other civil or criminal actions involving charges against an abuser. (FT-3000.1750)

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University of Montana
634 Eddy Avenue
Missoula, MT 59812
Phone: 406-243-4429
Organization Name: University of Montana
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Address: University of Montana
634 Eddy Avenue
Missoula, MT 59812
Phone: 406-243-4429
Eligibility: University of Montana students, faculty, and staff
Services Provided: 24 hour Support Line: 406-243-6559

SARC helps people who have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, bullying, intimidation, or discrimination. Their services are comprehensive and they actively listen, believe in, assist and support their clients. Based upon your decisions and choices, they also provide referrals, connections and advocacy within the justice, medical, and social service systems. Their work is personal for you and your circumstances. All services are confidential and free.
Original Source: Montana Children's Special Health Services
Last Updated: 1/8/2018


Organization Name: Love Is Respect
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Address: Washington, DC
Phone: 866-331-9474
Text: 22522
TDD: 866 331 8453
Toll Free Phone: 866-331-9474
Services Provided: Operating a 24/7 text, phone, and live chat service. Offers education, support and advocacy to those involved in dating abuse relationships as well as concerned friends and family. If you or a friend is in an abusive relationship, you may feel like you are all alone- know that you are not. They have resources to help you stay safe, build a support system, access legal protection and more. You may also text LOVEIS to 22522 or visit their website for help services.
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Last Updated: 8/15/2019