Autism Clinics

Description: Programs that offer any of a variety of therapeutic interventions, which may be used singly or in combination, to address the range of social, language, sensory and behavioral difficulties experienced by children and adults with autism and related disorders. Because of the spectrum nature of autism and the many behavior combinations that can occur, treatment approaches must be tailored to meet the individual needs of each person. (Adapted from AIRS LR-0450)

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Services Provided: Evaluation: There are many sections in the portal about the definition, diagnosis and treatment of autism. The diagnosis of autism might be made by various professionals such as a pediatrician, developmental pediatrician, child and adolescent psychiatrist, psychologist, LCPC or other pediatric specialist. It is important that any professional involved in diagnosis has completed additional training about autism, assessment, and diagnosis and has experience in diagnosing autism. The State offers more comprehensive assessment for autism at any of the state’s Developmental Evaluation clinics listed under the Developmental Clinic section. In order to qualify for autism insurance benefits in the state of Montana, the child must have a diagnosis of autism from one of these clinics. This can be a direct evaluation or they can review records from other clinicians. If under age six, this evaluation is done at no cost to parents. Older children’s evaluations may be funded by third party sources of funding such as insurance or Medicaid.

The treatment of autism is primarily educational. Caretakers needs to be involved. Applied Behavioral Analysis is offered by a growing number of therapists in Montana. We have tried to list them below. However the number of therapists is growing steadily and you can find an updated list on There are other educational methods as well and providers are listed below.

Therapy services for autism are also delivered by Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Pediatric Integrative Specialists. See their sections.
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Billings, MT

644 Grand Ave Suite 1
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: 406-248-2055
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Address: 644 Grand Ave Suite 1
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: 406-248-2055
Toll Free Phone: 800-820-4180
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Services Provided: contact us for a no-cost screening assessment or visit us at a developmental screening clinic
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Services Provided: This online website provides resources and information related to ADD and ADHD.
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