Pediatric Rheumatology

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Pediatric Rheumatologists treat diseases of joints, muscle, bones and tendons, and diagnose and treat arthritis, back pain, muscle strains, common athletic injuries and "collagen" diseases. (NUCC 2080P0216X)

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Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: 404-633-3777
Nationwide Provider
Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: 404-633-3777
Fax: 404-633-1870
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Provides information to help rheumatology patients and caregivers- topics include rheumatic diseases and conditions, common medications used to treat rheumatic diseases, and resources for assistance.

“Find a Rheumatologist” database is also available as an informational resource for patients and caregivers.

Source: MHP-Nationwide
Last Updated: 10/11/2021