Fort Belknap Health Center, Indian Health Service

669 Agency Main Street
Harlem, MT 59526
Phone: 406-353-3100
Fax: 406-353-3227
Eligibility: Fort Belknap Service Unit operates a 6-bed critical access hospital (CAH) located at the Fort Belknap Agency, Harlem, Montana, and a satellite health clinic located in Hays, approximately 35 miles away. The 6-bed CAH provides the majority of the health care for all Gros Ventres, Assiniboines, and eligible Native American patients on and near the Fort Belknap Reservation.
Services Provided: Services Offered inside of Fort Belknap Service Unit
Administrated by Indian Health Service:
• Outpatient Ambulatory Care – Fort Belknap Critical Care Hospital ◦8:00am - 11:30am & 12:30pm - 4:00pm on Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.
◦12:30pm - 7:00pm on Wed.
◦Appointments Phone: 406-353-3137

• Outpatient Ambulatory Care – Eagle Child Health Center ◦8:00am – 4:00pm on Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri
◦12:30pm – 4:00pm on Wed.
◦Appointments Phone: 406- 673-3777

• Inpatient Care ◦3-5 days at the Fort Belknap CAH. Patients requiring further hospitalization are referred or transported to one of the regional hospitals in Billings or Great Falls, Montana.

• Urgent Care at the Fort Belknap CAH ◦24 hour emergency care, 7 days a week Phone: 406-353-3222
◦Weekend urgent care staffed by contract locum tenens
◦911 Emergency/Ambulance

• Pharmacy ◦9:00am – 12:00pm & 1:00pm – 5:00pm on Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.
◦1:00pm – 5:00pm on Wed.
◦Refill Phone Line: 406-353-3105

• Compliance Phone Hotline – 406-353-3187
• Dental
• Optometry
• Physical Therapy
• Behavioral Health – Mental Health and Social Services
• Men’s Health
• Women’s Health
• Well Child Health
• Full lab and radiology services during clinic hours
• Ultra-sound and mammography
• Public health nutrition
• Hospice Team
• Emergency Medical Services
• Pharmacy
• Outreach/Referrals
• Contract Health Services
• Family planning
• Transportation Services
• Specialty Clinics – Monthly to twice a month ◦Dermatology

Administrated by Tribal Health Department
inside of Fort Belknap Service Unit The Fort Belknap Tribal Health Department, under P.L. 93-638, Self-Determination Law, administers programs under contract from Indian Health Service. The goal of P.L. 93-638 is to have Tribes become more involved and self-sufficient by participating in the administration and responsibility of providing care to the Native people. The Tribal Health Department administers:

• Chemical Dependency Treatment Program
• Community Health Representative Program
• Family Planning Program
• FAS/FAE Program
• Health Education Program
• Public Health Nursing Program
• Women, Infant and Children Nutrition Program – WIC
• Diabetes Program
• Personal Care Attendants
• Sanitation/Environmental Program
• Nutrition
Source: Montana Children's Special Health Services
Last Updated: 1/9/2015