Youth and Pre-Employment Transition Services

Organization Name: Disability Employment and Transitions
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111 North Last Chance Gulch, Suite 4C
PO Box 4210
Helena, MT 59604
Phone: 406-444-3632
Toll Free Phone: 877-296-1197
Fax: 406-444-3632
Eligibility: VRBS is able to start services at the age of 14.
Services Provided: VRBS provides its individualized services directly and through its network of community-based providers. The new WIOA model requires VRBS to step away from its past practices and to network with schools with services that look and feel more like regular high school classes than traditional VRBS case services. VRBS still delivers those case services, but we now emphasize the delivery of Pre-ETS in the school setting. In fact, high school students with disabilities do not have to be VRBS clients. Pre-ETS are open to all students with disabilities, even those who have no intention of applying to VRBS.
Source: Montana Suggest Provider Queue
Last Updated: 12/7/2017