St. Peter's Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab at Capital City Health Club

Organization Name: St. Peter's Hospital
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1280 N. Montana Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 406-442-4345
Service Categories:
Services Provided: Professional Evaluation and Treatment including: Post-surgical rehab, pre-surgery "prehab", treatment of spine, hips, knees, shoulders, ankles/feet, recovery from injuries, correction of athletic mechanics, and gait/running analysis. Aquatic therapy, injury prevention programs, and transition to the gym programs are also offered. Experience treating athletes of all ages, levels and abilities.
Provider Profiles: The St. Peter’s Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab team is comprised of physical therapists with doctorate level training and/or advanced certifications, and have strong orthopedic backgrounds to evaluate and treat your injury.
Source: Montana Children's Special Health Services
Last Updated: 1/8/2018