Missoula Circle of Parents

Organization Name: Missoula Circle of Parents
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Missoula, MT
Wheelchair Access: Yes
Languages Spoken: English
Services Provided: The Circle of Parents group provides a place for parents to build their own sense of competence and power. Parents do this by building relationships and connecting with other parents who share common experiences, successes, and challenges. Through the support group, parents will 1). Gain a sense of belonging and relief s they learn that their family dynamics and their child's behavior are more typical than problematic. 2). Become resources to each other inside and outside of the group by sharing coping strategies and parenting skills from parents who have 'been there.' 3). Advocate for themselves and other parents as they both give and receive help and thereby recognize that seeking help is a sign of strength - not a sign of weakness. 4). A Circle of Parents program is a source of strength and support for parents by parents, providing lasting friendships for group participants.

Robin MacMillan or Summer Slaght
robinclason1@yahoo.com or Summerslaght@gmail.com
Source: Montana Suggest Provider Queue
Last Updated: 12/26/2019