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Great Falls, MT

Address: Great Falls, MT
Services Provided: The Montana Association of the Deaf (MAD) was founded in Boulder, Montana, June 1912 by twenty-four deaf individuals. At first, the purpose of setting up an organization was a social gathering for deaf people who were isolated in their hometowns near and far and they needed communication. Some years later MAD became involved in advocacy for deaf people legally and economically.
Original Source: Montana Suggest Provider Queue
Last Updated: 8/28/2018


Organization Name: Nurse First
Phone: 800-330-7847
Toll Free Phone: 800-330-7847
Eligibility: Montana Medicaid or Healthy Montana Kids Member
Services Provided: Before you travel to your Primary Care Provider or the emergency room, call Nurse First to help you decide the best option or if you can treat the problem at home. Nurses at Nurse First may be able to help you save time and money by guiding you to the right care at the right place and at the right time.

The advice line is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year toll-free and confidential nurse triage line staffed by licensed-registered nurses.

Nurses can help you with problems like:
•Fever, earache, headache, flu, cold, cough, sore throat, vomiting, upset stomach, skin rash, back pain, a crying baby
•If you have just found out you have diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol or any other health issue, the Nurse First Advice Line may be able to give you some information and help answer questions you have.
•Nurse First will help you with any health question/concern, such as:

You should NOT call Nurse First when:
•You have a life threatening health concern
•It’s time for your child’s next Well Child checkup or immunization
•You saw your PCP for a specific health problem and a follow-up appointment is needed
•You saw your PCP for a specific health problem and he referred you to a specialist
•You, or your child, need regular services such as transfusion or dialysis
Original Source: Montana Children's Special Health Services
Last Updated: 3/14/2018